Lucy and Ethel, bacon and eggs, Tom and Jerry- these are just a few iconic duos. One of our favorite classic duos is pizza and wine. While they are both superb on their own, together they are unstoppable! Here at Benchmark Wine Group, we are loving the 2018 Broc Cellars Sangiovese Amore Rosso. This wine is the quintessential pizza wine, let us tell you why!

This naturally made wine hails from the steep, rocky, and sandy loam soils of the Lone Oak Vineyard in Mendocino. On the palate, this 100% Sangiovese wine is bright and highly acidic. It tastes of tart and expressive red fruits, cinnamon, and cloves. Is your mouth watering yet? This natural wine is 100% destemmed and then left in bins for two weeks, pressing is next. The wine is then aged in 60-gallon neutral French oak barrels. Produced to be affordable and easy to drink, we can’t think of a better wine to pair with our guilty pleasure- pizza!

When pairing a pizza perfectly with wine, it is essential to find a wine that is as equally as acidic as its tomato sauce complement. Sangiovese, an Italian varietal that is generally high in acidity, is the best selection to ensure that the wine does not lack in flavor or appear flat in the mouth. The balanced tannin is the ideal pairing for a heaping amount of melted cheese!

So, how can you secure this wine to pair with your favorite pizza? The 2018 Broc Cellars Sangiovese Amore Rosso is just one of the delightful wines in our November Drinkers Wine Club selection. Each month our team of trained Sommeliers selects 3-4 wines and their unique stories to be shipped straight to your address. These wines are limited in availability, unique, and you can’t find them in your local grocery store! Get all the essential details here!

Pizza and wine is a pairing that is here to stay. We want to know- what other wine and food pairings do you consider iconic? Leave a comment below!

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