The holiday season is in full force- stockings are hung, shops are bustling, and the spirit of giving is thriving. More than often, we highlight producers that are consistently producing award-winning wines. However, it is one thing to produce exceptional wine, but another to be exceptionally virtuous. Thanks to producer, Dana Estates, the spirit of the holiday season is emanating through our cellar.

The word Dana means ‘the Spirit of Generosity’ in Sanskrit, which embodies the deep level of appreciation the winery has for previous generations of vintners who have tended to the same soil. Dana Estates continues to blend history and tradition in their new state of the art winery, using innovative vineyard management and meticulous winemaking. Their philosophy revolves around maintaining a conscious connection between the generations of vintners who have tended the land before them. Through the wine, the history and appreciation is passed on to the consumer, who enjoys the fruits of their labor.

Located in the heart of the famed Rutherford Bench at the base of the Mayacamas Mountains in the Napa Valley, Dana Estates began its journey in 2005 when South Korean businessman Hi Sang Lee bought the property. The estate was initially developed and farmed by famed German viticulturist H.W. Helms in 1883, then later purchased by its second owner in 1976 to be ran as the Livingston Moffett winery. After buying the estate, Lee had the winery entirely re-designed by the acclaimed architect Howard Backen. The two worked together thoughtfully with winemakers Philipe Melka and Cameron Vawter to guarantee the changes would adhere to the winery’s generous values, without hindering the ability to produce world-class wines consistently.

Since Lee acquired the estate, he has sought to produce high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon. With the influence and the help of many great Napa winemakers, including Joseph Phelps and Philippe Melka, he has accomplished just that. Among some of the rarest and most excellent in the world, Dana Estates produces 100% Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from four select vineyards; Helms, Hershey, Lauded Lotus, and their newest vineyard, Crystal Springs. All vines are organically farmed at low yields to admit the terroir of each site to be expressed within the bottle. During harvest, only the pristine expressions of fruit and most balanced lots will go into creating the wine for Dana Estates. The grapes are fermented in concrete tanks, oak uprights, or small barrels depending on the characteristics of the vineyard.

Benchmark Wine Group is thrilled to carry a selection of wines from Dana Estates. We appreciate ‘the Spirit of Generosity’ and a reminder of what is valuable, beyond the production of fine wine. Join the Benchmark Wine Club for exclusive access to Dana Estate wine as well as other small-lot wineries from around the world. Our team of wine professionals curate monthly selections from the fine and rare to the cool and geeky. This holiday, drink something meaningful. Cheers!

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