With each new year comes talk of resolutions and ways to improve within the new year. Well, here at Benchmark, we got to thinking. What about a New Years Wine Resolutions? We’ve gathered a list of our favorite wine resolutions from our team of industry professionals!

“My wine-solution for 2020 is to dive farther into Italian wines – it’s such a diverse country and wine industry, the wine opportunities are endless. I love Italian whites and am thrilled whenever I have the opportunity to introduce them to friends and watch the look of surprise on their faces when they realize how great they are (and super inexpensive!). But it’s the reds that really convey the heart and soul of Italian terroir, and I’m looking forward to drinking a wider variety to gain a better understanding of the nuances throughout the different regions and vintages. And in the meantime, my love of Champagne as an everyday beverage still holds strong.” Cristina DeRisi, CSW, Senior Sales Account Manager

“My 2020 wine goals are to try more dry red wines from Portugal and explore South African wines. It is easy to get stuck in the rut of the familiar when it comes to wine exploration. There are so many amazing wines in the world that offer excellent values, but it takes some effort to sniff them out (no pun intended).” Tyler Shaffer, International Business Development

“For this coming year, I’d like to make more of an effort to explore less ‘popular’ varieties and regions. I’m talking Feteasca Neagra from Moldova, Listan Negro from Canary Islands, or Plavec Mali of Croatia. Will I find a new favorite? There’s only one way to find out!” Kevin Baker, WSET Level 3, Business Development

“I’m determined to drink more Champagne. It is often overlooked as an everyday wine. It is usually only appreciated during holidays or special occasions. Its effervescence can be distracting and showy but the fact of the matter is these are wines first. These wines have incredible depth and complexity beyond the whimsical fizz we all love. Even I sometimes forget how versatile these wines are with food. In fact the bubbles help make these wines incredible food wines, cutting through fats and oils. In summary, this year I intend to knock down this stereo-type and drink more Champagne on a Tuesday with my take out. Life is too short; Champagne IS the special occasion. ” Alexandra Harner, Sommelier, Senior Sales Account Manager

I want to stop basing so many of my personal wine purchases on what I see on social media. There is such a cavalcade of wine influencers out there, putting the pressure on what the hot new bottle is. I want to take some time away from that and just explore new producers for myself.” Alexander Rosen, Certified Sommelier, Business Development

What wine resolutions do you have for 2020? We want to know. Cheers!

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