The Winery

In 2010 owner Scott Frank initiated the legacy of Bow & Arrow Winery. This cheeky winery believes that blue-collar farming in Willamette is how it should be, despite all the desires others have to be Burgundian. Frank began this journey when moving to Portland, Oregon, from New York in 2001 to work as a grocery store wine buyer. The position placed him in a scene where he was experiencing many styles of wine, eventually developing a particular liking to the varietals of the Loire Valley. In 2007, Scott came upon the opportunity to work as an assistant winemaker under John Paul of Cameron Winery. While he was keen on the experience, the fantasy of bottling his own Loire Valley varietals remained.


With much support, Bow & Arrow Winery was born in 2010. Scott Frank believes that Willamette is much more similar to the Loire, culturally speaking, and he plays into that tease with his wine labels and names. The winery produces a portfolio of grape varietals like Muscadet, Chenin Blanc, and Gamay with low-intervention and the intention of drinkability.


The Terroir

The wines produced by Bow & Arrow Winery are sourced from many vineyards in the Willamette Valley. The unique terroir of this valley evolved over millions of years from catastrophic geological events like the volcanic activity that formed the Cascade Mountains, the Missoula Floods in the last ice age, and the fact that the Willamette Valley was the original floor of the Pacific Ocean. The long-term consequence of such events resulted in an ideal winegrowing region, which we fondly know as the Willamette Valley.


Our featured wine from Bow & Arrow Winery, the 2018 Melon De Bourgogne, is sourced from the Deux Vert Vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA, located in Willamette Valley. These 23-year-old vines grow at an elevation of 350-400 feet in Peavine soil. The Yamhill-Carlton AVA makes up 60,000 total acres, located at the foothills of the coastal range. The soil is known to be some of the oldest- featuring ancient marine sediments, a coarse grain, and efficient irrigation effects.


The Wine

The 2018 Melon De Bourgogne is the quintessential wine when seeking versatility. The varietal Melon De Bourgogne can be better recognized as the Muscadet grape, known for being light-bodied, highly acidic, and featuring a citrus-like taste profile. An offspring of Pinot Noir, the grape thrives in cool climate marine areas. The 2018 vintage aged in vat for 6-8 months.


This selection features briny notes of minerality, stone, melon, and citrus flavors on the palate. Pair it best with any choice of seafood, a Mediterranean mezze platter, or a delectable lemon roasted chicken. Is your mouth watering yet?


The Benchmark Wine Club

So, how can you secure this wine? The 2018 Bow & Arrow 2018 Melon De Bourgogne is just one of the delightful wines in our January Drinkers Wine Club selection. Each month our team of trained Sommeliers selects 3-4 wines and their unique stories to be shipped straight to your address. These wines are limited in availability, unique, and you can’t find them in your local grocery store! Get all the essential details here!


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