Celebrated for over a century, International Women’s Day (March 8) is a celebration during March, Women’s History Month, highlighting the growth and achievement of women in the wine industry all over the globe. In honor of the 2020 theme, an equaled world is an enabled world, we have chosen to celebrate those who are currently paving the way for the future of women in the wine industry.

Celia Welch

Celia Welch is the winemaker at the award-winning Scarecrow Winery. Before graduating from the University of California at Davis, Welch’s passion for the industry was cultivated as a young child. Her parents were dedicated collectors and at-home winemakers, fueling her interests from a very early age.

Before arriving in the Napa Valley, Celia traveled through many American wine regions, New Zealand, and Australia to further her education. Celia has worked in cellar quality control, winemaking consulting, and now works as an independent winemaker for a handful of lucky Napa Valley wineries. Her impressive career earned her a place in the Winemaker’s Hall of Fame, a Rising Star Award from the Southern California chapter of Women for Winesense, Food & Wine Magazines 2008 Winemaker of the year, one of Forbes Magazines 2006 Top Ten Tastemakers, in addition to many high scoring vintages of wine. Judging by our inventory of Scarecrow, it is safe to say that we are a fan.

Séverine Frerson

In October of 2018, Séverine Frerson was named chef de cave at Maison Perrier-Jouët. Based in the Épernay region of Champagne, Maison Perrier-Jouët is a sparkling wine house that was founded in 1811. Before joining Maison Perrier-Jouët, Frerson worked for many years at the famed Piper-Heidsieck Champagne house.

Séverine grew up in an uplifting household where her father encouraged her to study in a ‘masculine field’ and to be independent. When joining the workforce, there were very few women in the wine industry working within Champagne houses, and getting a job was not the easiest. Frerson has been known to be strong, confident, and an exceptionally talented winemaker. As if her driven personality wasn’t inspiring enough, Séverine Frerson was the first chef de cave at both Maison Perrier-Jouët and Piper-Heidsieck!

Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta

Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta is the co-owner of Tenuta San Guido, which is best know for its famous wine, Sassicaia. Priscilla plays a critical role in the global representation of the Italian wine names under the Tenuta San Guido umbrella. Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta is a graduate of the University College London with a Bachelors Degree in History of Art and a Master’s Degree in Italia Baroque Art.

The only family member working full time in the family business, Priscilla, leads the way for the future of Sassicaia, Guidalberto, Le Difese, the family racehorses, cattle, and olive oil operations. Her dedication has proven valuable, and we are proud to boast a selection of this Italian cellar staple!

Samantha Rudd

You guessed, right. Vintner Samantha Rudd plays a vital role in the success of Napa Valleys Rudd Estate. Samantha spent the greater majority of her life living on the Rudd Estate and decided she would pursue its success since the young age of nine. Rudd is particularly passionate about leaving the estate in a better state than it was when she had assumed a position of leadership.

Samantha has worked countless hours both in and out of Rudd Estate to ensure the winery’s success. Rudd has worked under both female-run estates, Château Margaux and Spottswoode Winery. Samantha officially began running the estate in 2015, where she has seen success with initiatives such as the implementation of organic farming practices. Samantha Rudd’s passion shines bright as she leads the way for the future achievements of Rudd Estate!

Corinne Mentzelopoulos

Corinne Mentzelopoulos is the owner and CEO of the prestigious Bordeaux wine estate, Château Margaux. Dedicated to excellence, Corinne has managed the vineyards of Château Margaux for well over 30 years.

An educated leader, Corinne Mentzelopoulos, holds a bachelor’s degree in classical literature and a master’s degree from the Institute of Political Sciences. While she had no formal training in wine, her passion for greatness and partnerships with esteemed enologists have fueled the growth and success of Château Margaux over the years. Château Margaux progressed under Mentzelopoulos from being known as the ‘worst’ Château of the five first-growth distinctions to one the finest, most valuable assets within Bordeaux. Corinne Mentzelopoulo’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, and in 1995 she was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from Wine Spectator. Explore our inventory of Château Margaux, which boasts a vast inventory of wines produced under the incredible Corinne Mentzelopoulo!

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