We are on cloud wine and thrilled to announce that Benchmark Wine Group has been voted as one of Wine Enthusiast 50 Best Wine Retailers in America for 2020! We are filled with joy and gratitude to receive this incredible recognition and honor. As a leading source of fine and rare wine, we pride ourselves by making it easy for you to access unrivaled selections of the most sought-after wines from far and wide.

With the world’s finest wines flying in and out of our cellar, we figured we’d take the chance to share what we do best.

Years of Experience

In 2002, David Parker founded Benchmark Wine Group after having a successful history of high-tech ventures. With a unique blend of talents, plus wine and high-tech industry contacts, he has succeeded in bridging the gap between high-quality wine producers and well-informed fine wine collectors and connoisseurs. An avid wine collector, David has been involved in the wine industry since 1987, owning commercial vineyards in Geyserville, California, and the Eola Hills of Oregon and is a partner in Parker Family Vineyards, Inc.

Our staff draws on decades of industry experience and is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all clients. As a team of trained Sommeliers with a combined 30 years in the industry, we understand that experience is key. This is why we taste wines with local producers, distributors, and other wine professionals to hand-select the best wines available.

Benchmark Affiliates

Our data-driven mindset and the most up-to-date technology ensures that we’re equipped with the tools necessary to provide wine valuation information and set standards high. With industry affiliates such as Brentwood Wine Company, Wine Market Journal, Xpeditr, and many other variables, we’re able to provide clients with the most competitive prices available.

Provenance Guarantee

We acquire our unparalleled stock of fine and rare wine from well-maintained private cellars and reputable wholesalers, but only when our team of acquisitions professionals can verify provenance.

Before purchasing a private collection, a BWG representative will often travel to a cellar site to meet the collector and inspect storage conditions to verify provenance. As a result, we guarantee the provenance of all wines that we sell.If you open a wine purchased from us within six months of the purchase date and the wine reveals signs of damage due to improper storage, we ask that you re-cork the bottle with the remaining wine inside and contact us immediately.

Each bottle of rare and back-vintage wine is unique. When a new collection arrives, we inspect each bottle by hand to ensure the cellar’s overall condition meets our strict standards. When an individual bottle has a cosmetic blemish or other condition, our cellar team provides that notation. If no condition is cataloged, the bottle may still contain minor conditions reflective of the bottle’s value and/or age. When we cannot authenticate an exceptionally rare and valuable wine, that bottle is immediately returned to the source from which it was acquired.

Buying & Selling

Benchmark Wine Group is the #1 back-vintage wine retailer in the United States. No one is better at valuing your collection in today’s wine market and efficiently marketing a cellar to the broadest possible audience for collectible wines. Using the best wine market data available, BWG can price your consignment for maximum return in today’s market conditions, charging a smaller commission for swiftly selling wines and netting the consignor a guaranteed higher price than the auction average.

Our Benchmark Cellar Team can be on your doorstep within 24 hours of contract completion, ready to catalog and pack your collection. We can take your cellar to market in just days, no waiting for weeks or months until the next auction while you watch the wine market change daily. Savvy consignors can take advantage of fleeting market conditions and have a check-in hand before the next available auction.

Something For Everyone

Although we specialize in back vintage wines and high-end wines, we also carry more current vintages from smaller production wineries from nearly every winemaking region. Our website, Benchmarkwine.com, offers 24-hour access to our cellar, displaying our inventory of 50-60k wines, always in real-time.

Our portfolio consists of approx—10,000 different perfectly-aged collectible wines of the world. Highlights include extensive selections from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Alsatian, and Rhone wines from France, Italian wines from Tuscany and Piedmont, and the very top wines from California, Oregon, and Washington.

Beyond this, we have broad selections of the top wines from Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Australia. Our portfolio also extends broadly to the great wines of Austria, Hungary, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and other great wine-producing countries of the world.

In addition to our geographically extensive portfolio, the price point also greatly varies. Customers can find the perfect wine from their favorite regions, at a price point they are most comfortable with. These prices are updated frequently to accurately match the current market and are always displayed in real-time.

Custom Preferences

BWG coordinates all transport of the wine it acquires, utilizing high-speed transport and well-vetted specialty wine transport companies. These companies use only temperature-controlled trucks to ensure cool wine temperatures are maintained from our temperature-controlled warehouse to your doorstep.

Matching the appropriate delivery service with current weather conditions is the best way to ensure that your wine will arrive in perfect condition. BWG offers a variety of delivery options to ensure safe delivery. We also provide the opportunity to store purchases in our temperature-controlled cellar for up to 30 days while waiting for an extreme weather event to pass, or to build a case for economical shipping. If a customer would prefer BWG to hold their orders for longer than 30 days after purchase when safe shipping is possible, we will charge $14 per case, per month for providing this service.

With close attention to detail and years of experience, we’re able to provide the best wine-buying experience. However, we would not be here without you, our loyal client base. We thank you for your continued support, business, and shared love of fine and rare wines!

Are you curious what Benchmark Wine Group is all about? Check our current inventory here!

Established in 2002, Benchmark Wine Group is the leading source of fine and rare wine retailers, restaurants, and collectors around the world. Based in Napa Valley, we acquire the most sought-after wines from private individuals and professional contacts, but only when provenance can be verified by our team of acquisition professionals. Our staff draws on decades of industry experience and is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all of our clients. Benchmarkwine.com offers 24-hour access to our cellar, displaying inventory in real-time.