The perfect Thanksgiving day is often a labor of love- every potato is mashed, the turkey is basted to perfection, and your family’s secret ingredient takes that classic green bean casserole to a Michelin-level delicacy. With the utmost time and attention paid to these traditional, heartwarming dishes, why stop there? These expertly cooked dishes deserve to relish in the glory of a perfect wine pairings to take your feast to the next level! We’ve curated a breakdown of the perfect pairings for everything on your Thanksgiving platter, check it out!

Kickin Off The Festivities with the Perfect Wine Pairings

What better way to kick off the holiday festivities than a bottle of bubbles? A top-tier pairing for nearly any dish, Champagne goes with just about everything. Whether it be thanks to its unique acidity or the sheer elegance of the wine, bubbles complement a wide variety of food. We suggest popping open a bottle of bubbles to kick off the festivities by pairing it with hors d’oeuvres- whether that be a cheese platter, some delicious buttered rolls, or an old family tradition, we guarantee it will be a hit!

Our choice: J. Charpentier Brut Comte de Chenizot NV

Keen on Green

While Thanksgiving is known for its hearty, rich flavors, no dinner plate is complete without a green dish or seasonal vegetables. A good, fresh Chablis or a Gruner Veltliner pairs wonderfully with a wide range of vegetable dishes, such as roasted root vegetables and even the classic green bean casserole! Chablis is the acidic counterpart to a lot of Burgundian Chardonnays on the market, making it a perfect versatile pairing for every green dish on your menu!

Our Choice: Weinbau Jutta Ambrositsch Gruner Veltliner Revision 2017

The Center Of Attention

Time for the main event, what we’ve so patiently basted and roasted for hours on end, the turkey! To honor this tried and true Thanksgiving staple, we prefer to go with a classic- Cote d’Or Burgundy. It’s truly hard to beat the classics, and with the proper Red Burgundy, all of the savory buttered herbs that have infused into the turkey will be flawlessly complemented.

Our Choice: Pousse d`Or Volnay Clos d`Audignac 2014

Savory Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is the ultimate day to splurge, and there will always room on your plate for stuffing! This dish’s flavor profile can vary widely among dinner tables, often ranging from a more simple charm to complex flavors of herbs, sausage, and even oyster. We recommend pairing this staple side dish with elegant wines that are velvety smooth, layered, and exhilarating, allowing the wine’s unique secondary flavors to melt in your mouth for an unforgettable experience.

Our Choice: By Farr Shiraz 2017 & Resa Wines Grenache 2016

Something Sweet

A holiday built upon quality time and traditional dishes will almost always call upon the good ol’ pumpkin pie. Take this classic dessert to the next level with a wine able to accompany the rich flavors and spices with sweetness and viscosity- a well-aged port. An aged Port of at least twenty years will be sure to add some serious indulgence!

Our Choice: Croft Vintage Port 2011

We wish you and your family a happy day of shared conversations, delicious meals, and of course, many bottles of wine. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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