Here at Benchmark Wine Group, we’re collectors at heart too. Helping collectors build great collections is what we do best, the easiest way possible, one collection at a time. 

We are constantly bringing in cellars large and small from across the country. A few times a year, we are able to secure world-class collections from some of the country’s greatest wine collectors. The competition for such collections is usually fierce, with the world’s top auction houses and wine consignors all vying to offer these collections to their clients. More often than not, BWG’s ease of payment, reputation, and service results in us winning the privilege to offer these incredible parcels to you. Below, we have highlighted some of the world-class collections we have brought in over the past year.

With wines from across the world, there is something for every collector on this list.

The Rocky Mountain Cellar

This single-owner collector from the Centennial State is an avid wine enthusiast who has met all the right people. From the impossible to get on mailing lists of the Napa Valley Cults to the advantageous producers on the true Sonoma Coast all the way to highly sought-after Old World producers, we hit the jackpot when the owner approached us.

A trusted, loyal patron of Benchmark Wine Group and back-vintage enthusiast, this collector purchased on-release allocations of 100-point California rockstar wineries such as Bevan Cellars, Colgin, Odette Estate, Scarecrow, Harlan Estate, and Schrader. Vintage Krug, fine and rare Bordeaux and Burgundy, along with many other outstanding collectibles, is bought from reputable retailers in the Denver area. Like every serious Oenophile, there comes a time where palate preference changes gears. Lucky for us, we were the first call: for selling his collection and buying new rarities!

An immaculately pristine cellar carefully keeps in a professional, temperature-controlled facility. And, of course, the entirety of this prized collection is backed by our Provenance Guarantee.

The Virtuous Cellar

Comprised mainly of California Cabernet, this Washington DC-based entrepreneur first began his wine journey at one of his investor’s (a true oenophile) dinner table. As the friendship with his investor bloomed, so too did his cellar. His new hobby included hand-picking each bottle directly from the wineries. He adopted a philosophy about wine early on that “the wine you like best is the best”. However, wine for this collector held more clout than just delicious juice in a bottle. Instead, he views wine as a community builder and a way to create memories and connections.

Over the past few years, this collector found his palate shifting, drinking a bit lighter, Old World Pinots. Now looking to transition his cellar from mostly California Cabernet to Pinot Noir, he chose to work with Benchmark Wine Group because a friend and trusted Sommelier said that “BWG was the place to go hands-down.” The entirety of this collection was stored in a professional, temperature-controlled facility and is backed by Benchmark’s Provenance Guarantee. We love to share the same wines with you that brought this collector so much joy!

The Collegiate Cellar

This collector introduced to the world of wine during his years spent at an Ivy League University, where he found his true love for all things wine and terroir. When it comes to wine, this collector accepts nothing but the best. With a particular fascination of wine analysis and an ever-evolving palate, the collection is chocked full of the finest wines from different vintages, regions, and producers worldwide; perfect for those looking to expand both their palate and cellar!

This grand collection features the best vintages of highly-regarded Bordeaux, Northern Rhone, Italy, and more. Stored with precision in a professional, temperature-controlled storage facility. And, of course, backed by Benchmark’s Provenance Guarantee. Join us and indulge in the Collegiate Cellar! 

The Devoted Cellar

We can appreciate a devout collector who knows what they want, and The Devoted Cellar is just that. This collection is reflective of the collector’s particular affinity for steadfast styles, varietals, and producers. Likewise, where he purchased allocations on release from top Burgundy, Bordeaux, and California Cult mailing lists.

Find wines from exceptional producers worldwide, including Aubert, Peter Michael, Meo Camuzet, Schrader, and more! Enhance your cellar with the consistency and reliability of these trusted producers. The collector, a loyal client, expressed his satisfaction with both buying and selling with us. Likewise, has chosen to release his allocations solely to Benchmark Wine Group. The entirety of the Devoted Cellar was cellared professionally and stored in a temperature-controlled facility on the East Coast and is always backed by our Provenance Guarantee.

The Vintner’s Cellar

Crafted from pure passion rather than investment, the Vintner’s Cellar is every collector’s dream. It is an honor to provide the unique opportunity to indulge in the cellar of a renowned wine professional. Built upon love rather than labor. The late collector, a vintner himself, curated his collection to his liking. Featuring back-vintage allocations from esteemed producers from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, and California. These gems from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s were sourced directly from West Coast retailers rather than auction and have been professionally stored in a temperature-controlled storage facility and always backed by our Provenance Guarantee. The opportunity to indulge in a cellar of such esteem does not present itself often- secure your own piece of passion from this state-of-the-art cellar!

The Estate Cellar

Skip the winery waiting list and receive the ultimate wine experience with one of the most exclusive cellars you can get your hands on! This premier allocation gives you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to acquire wines sourced directly from the most exclusive Estates, Domaines, and Chateaux worldwide. We invite you to jump the queue and introduce these limited-production iconic wines. Once available to only a handful of lucky collectors! This East Coast Collector has attained wines to appeal to every palate. From the savory Spanish blends of Vega Sicilia to highly sought-after California Cabernet Sauvignon from Harlan Estate. The wine collection is in a professional, temperature-controlled storage facility. And, of course, backed by Benchmark’s Provenance Guarantee. We are excited to provide you with this opportunity to expand your collection and add value to your cellar!

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