The hunt is afoot. Masters of Napa Valley, skilled artisans of Cabernet Sauvignon, internationally acclaimed icons whose prowess in the cellar transcend time, place, and space gathered to craft a new beacon in bottle. Ultra-premium Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon as captured and framed by masters of the craft: Boit Touquette, Philippe Melka, Thomas Rivers Brown, and Michel Rolland.

Taste greatness, experience grandeur, and know that the masters of Cabernet Sauvignon craft wines both of place and of person. This is your chance to taste the best Napa has to offer.  We are honored to present you the best talents, most captivating minds of the wine world by the glassful.

We’re proud to take aim and capture your Fairest Creature alongside the masterful creations of her creators. Try each one alongside her maker’s other masterpieces and find the fine line of the maker’s touch. Capture your favorite in this delectable assortment.

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