No one is ready for it. Of course, Autumn foliage along the East Coast shows us the beauty of letting go. The breezes along the West Coast demonstrate the importance of clarity. Rolling clouds, tumbling fields, and the Heartland remind us that it’s time to pull out all the stops for each other – ready or not.

Certainly, Fall is upon us. Between the plaid outfits and impending festivities – we’re here to help you manage the family you’ve yearned to see for the past year, the kin trapped with you for far too long, and the social occasions bringing joy and consternation skipping to your table hand in hand.

At Benchmark Wine Group, we’re not setting your table or offering the perfect pairings. Instead, we’re here to help where it matters most: stocking up on glorious wines that will have everyone humming happily into your gleaming stemware to that wild playlist you mistakenly let the geriatric millennial in the room play. (It’s me. And no, I’m not giving back the AUX cord.)

Group merriment, no matter the size of the crowd, depends on a delicate balance between pleasing sippers and precision stunners. Finally, from lifted Champagne to start the evening to the comfortable conversations lingering over Barolo, we’ve got every moment covered with a curated selection of bottles to quench every Thanksgiving Thirst.


Veuve Doussot Champagne L by VD Blanc de Blancs 2015

This rich, ripe, sumptuous Champagne from the southern stretches of Aube boasts a fresh, light on its feet style that hits all the right notes from your Champagne-is-life guests to everyone who loves Bubbles.

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Ghost Block Sauvignon Blanc Morgan Lee Vineyard 2020

Temptingly silky and refreshing, Ghost Block’s Sauvignon Blanc offers balance and lift for banter over appetizers and the perfect glass for the clutch of white wine enthusiasts to sip alongside everything from turkey to key lime pie.

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Domaine Remi Jobard Meursault En Luraule 2019

It goes wherever a consensus must be reached. Fresh and with a defined clarity of terroir? Check. Balanced with the nuanced complexity only the spiritual homeland of Chardonnay can deliver? Check. Incredible from the first sip to the last drop? Double-check.

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Gros Ventre Pinot Noir Baranoff Ranch 2018

Youthful, vibrant, dare we say uproariously tasty? This Gros Ventre single-vineyard Pinot offers a juicy core that stands confidently alongside the whole menu and keeps every guest gleefully engaged.

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Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon Lyndenhurst 2018

Need a bottle to flex some muscle? Consider then, cigars, brisket, fire pits, dessert; this incredible showing of Napa Valley’s finest offers complexity and harmony for the entire evening.

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Elio Altare Barolo 2017

Layered and inviting, we invite you to pour a glass of Altare’s legendary Barolo for your favorite guests. Of course, this wine’s refined, elegant styling compliments food, fare, and philosophical meanderings.

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